About Us

Have you ever dreamed of walking along a beach and finding the most exotic shell you can imagine?  I am an avid sheller and have found some awesome shells.  I am also a collector of specimen shells from all over the world.  I have recently found my passion in creating unique Sea Shell Jewelry from these beautiful “Beach Treasures.”

I am fascinated by the brilliant colors and astonishing intricacies of the Okinawan Gloripallium Speciosums.  Since most are found by divers in deep waters, it is unlikely you will find palliums on the beach.  The pallium shells I use in my jewelry are unique to Okinawa, Japan.  I strive to use only shells in perfect condition, and the prices reflect the rarity and quality of the shell.

Sunrise shells were traditionally very sacred to the ancient Hawaiian people. They are extremely rare and you’d be lucky to come across one on the beach.  They are typically found at sunrise. Hence, the name “Sunrise Shell.”  Hawaiian sunrise shells may wash up on Hawaiian shores after a heavy storm but are mostly found in deep waters by divers.  For my jewelry, I select sunrise shells with a pleasing blend of Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple or green. Each shell is unique, one of a kind. Most are the size of a dime, nickel or quarter but can even be as big as a half dollar!  So they make for excellent earrings and necklaces.

Jewelry can be custom made to your specifications. Also, if there is a specific kind of shell you are looking for please contact us with your ideas or requests and I will do my best to help.

**I also have a Sister Website some Amazing Artisan Gemstone Jewelry. Check out the link below!**

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